Hotel Venue Facilities and Accommodation

Hotels are the most common form of accommodation for people who may be away from their homes. They also offer a wide variety of dishes depending on their location, their rank and whether they serve international or local clients. Hotel guests even for hotels can be divide into different categories depending on their needs. We explore these categories.

Business Travellers 

This group is usually travelling for business purposes and therefore besides accommodation and meals, they may require such facilities as the conference and meeting rooms. They will also require a stable internet connection for communication with their stakeholders. The hotel may offer customised conferencing packages to suit their needs and offer them equipment such as projectors, projecting screens and public address systems. They may also offer stationery and refreshments for use during business meetings in meeting rooms reading for example.

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These people are generally out to have a good time and therefore, recreational facilities are very important. They generally form the biggest group of those who reside in hotels. Hotels may provide recreational services such as spas and sauna services, different forms of entertainment for different age groups, organise visits to local tourist attraction sites at favourable prices and organise shopping bonanzas in cities. The hotel could also provide information and contacts of key people in cases where they do not organise tours for their clients.


These may be in town to attend a conference or events such as fashion events, music concerts, football games, Olympics, fun fares, circus and many more. In some cases, they may be business travellers but in other cases they are not. More often than not, they will combine business and leisure and therefore they may require a blend of services that may be offered to tourists and business travellers. 

Senior hotel guests

These guest often require extra attention compared to other groups especially when they are not accompanied by their family members. They may need help operating different things within the hotel, moving from place to place and in some cases, you may need to guide them on the most suitable places to visit. Some may even choose the hotel as their residence and therefore they require someone to constantly look after them.


This is when members of the family travel together. Given the diversity of the group, the hotel should ensure that they have a wide range of meals that could cater for everyone, ensure that accommodation is allocated well in order to suit the family's needs and also ensure that there are different entertainment solutions for the groups. Hotels that cater for families could offer children supervised play activities to prevent boredom. They could also include face painting and mascots for the children.

The best way to keep hotel guests engaged is to ensure that you understand their needs and strive to tailor your services to these needs. Clients will always go back to the hotel where the staff members put an effort to give them the best services.